Yup i know. its sad i know that girl came after but she was more on top of her stuff ! the tumblr got hacked and the instagram so i couldn’t do anything. but i finally made a deal with the person that hacked it and he just now gave it back! so she got more of the followers as the months went by! i mean i’m not mad at her because we all like the same guy Ronnie Banks so i’m not mad she has the followers. My love for ronnie goes beyond followers. But the other girl didn’t take them from me she just made a tumblr and my tumblr wasn’t updated and hers was so that all i can say is people want new stuff. some people might wait around but at the end of the day if ur fan page is not recent whats the point. but thanks for the support !!! and support her fan Page  http://fuck-yeah-ronnie-banks.tumblr.com/ 

Ronnie is black ,white, french ,hawaiian and filipino 

I'm in love with your blog. ❤❤

Thank you 

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